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Social MediaProspecting
With two comprehensive workshops on LinkedIn and one on Facebook, Frank Rumbauskas will get your sales team literally printing hot leads with social media! The LinkedIn workshops are our most popular!
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Pro Sales Networking
Few salespeople succeed at networking because they don't know how, and they go to the wrong venues. This workshop will supercharge your sales team's networking!
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Advanced Sales Closing
Learn advanced sales closing and profit justification strategies that will dramatically increase your sales team's closing rate by showing prospects why your solution generates a profit rather than a cost.
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sales training workshops

These highly acclaimed sales training workshops by New York Times best-selling author Frank Rumbauskas are priced at only $2,997 each for a limited time, and run approximately 3 hours. Discounts are available for multiple workshops in one day. For workshops outside the Dallas-Forth Worth metro area, please add 50% plus travel and expenses.

To get started and book a date and time, please contact or give us a ring at (214)494-0428.

Get Hot Leads with LinkedIn, Part 1

Equip your sales team to generate an endless supply of hot, qualified leads with LinkedIn! LinkedIn is THE premier business social media site, and thousands of deals take place there each and every day.

Your sales team will learn how to use LinkedIn to find and effectively connect with your ideal prospects, in ways that are highly effective and are vastly different from "LinkedIn Spam," and carry the process through to a sale.

  • Why 99% or more of salespeople are not using LinkedIn correctly
  • Step-by-step processes to generate leads & sales from LinkedIn
  • How to build the ULTIMATE business network on LinkedIn
  • How to establish yourself as THE authority in your industry
  • Frank's "under the radar" method to connect and meet with very high-level prospects

Get Hot Leads with LinkedIn, Part 2

In Part 1 of the LinkedIn workshop series, your sales reps will learn how to find and connect with their ideal prospects and generate sales using LinkedIn.

Part 2 turns the tables: It teaches your sales team how to position themselves on LinkedIn and fully optimize their profiles and accounts so that their ideal prospects will find and connect with THEM!

  • Tactics to build the RIGHT network on LinkedIn, and avoid time-wasters and unqualified prospects
  • How to position yourself so your ideal prospects contact YOU
  • Little known tricks to get email addresses and other personal info on C-Level prospects
  • Secrets to configure your LinkedIn profile for maximum visibility
  • Laser-targeted methods to connect with the EXACT people you want

Advanced Sales Closing & Profit Justification

Most salespeople sell on features & benefits, or pain points, or any of the other so-called "sales processes" out there. The problem is that each proposal ends with a price. Or to the prospect, a cost.

In this workshop on advanced sales closing and profit justification techniques, your sales team will stop quoting and selling by price, and show prospects a projected profit instead!

  • Step-by-step processes to get prospects to BUY with no hard selling
  • How to use Profit Justification to show prospects how your solution puts money into their pocket
  • Why prospects can’t say “no” to a Profit Justified proposal, and how to do it correctly
  • Presentation strategies to make you stand out from the crowd
  • How to achieve an 80% close rate using these strategies

Pro Networking Secrets for FAST Sales!

Salespeople are notorious for going to endless networking events, chambers, and leads clubs, only to come back empty-handed. It's because they don't know how to network like a pro, they network at the wrong venues, and they don't have a "30-second commercial" that opens eyes and draws attention!

In this sales training workshop, Frank Rumbauskas will teach your sales team how to network like a pro for fast sales, and will work with you and your team to create customized "30-second commercials" that will get people lining up to meet with them.

  • Why “Leads Clubs” and most Chambers are a waste of time
  • You’ll learn the BEST KEPT SECRET in networking events – the ones where sales really happen!
  • How to craft a “30-second commercial” that PEOPLE CAN’T RESIST!
  • Frank's “stealth” networking tactic that generates MULTIPLE, easy sales at every event
  • The PRO Networking Secret that less than 1% of salespeople use, that will EXPLODE your sales!

Get EASY Sales with Facebook

After Frank began presenting his wildly popular LinkedIn workshops, clients naturally began to ask, "What about Facebook?"

In response, Frank has created this cutting-edge workshop on how to get hot leads and easy sales using Facebook, based on proven methods actually in use by Frank's own businesses.

  • Step-by-step processes to generate hot leads & more sales with Facebook
  • How to build an EXTREMELY powerful lead-capture system on Facebook
  • How to use Facebook to get your best customers to sell FOR YOU!
  • How to use Facebook as the ultimate business networking tool
  • These strategies cost NOTHING – this is NOT about Facebook Ads!

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